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Monaghan Muineachán County Monaghan is twinned with Prince Edward Island, Peterborough, Ontario & the city of Miramichi, N.B. Prince Edward Island: A large percentage of the population of PEI are directly descended from Co. Monaghan emigrants who left in the 1830s, principally from the north of the county, the Emyvale area and the parish of Donagh, just north of Monaghan town. This exodus is still referred to in North Monaghan as ‘the Monaghan Emigration.’ Miramichi, New Brunswick:
Original research for The Ireland Canada Story uncovered the strong links between Monaghan and Miramichi which resulted in the twinning agreement. This twinning has been very successful with education exchanges and many Miramichi visitors coming to Monaghan. Peterborough, Ontario:
Research for The Ireland Canada Story also discovered the strong ties between Monaghan and the Peterborough area on Ontario. Again a twinning arrangement was established and has benefited both communities.

"I am delighted to see The Ireland Canada Story project finally begin to come to fruition.

I have known Lynne Loftus since she began to develop the resources and when she told me of the strong links that she had discovered between Monaghan and the Miramichi, NB and Peterborough, Ontario, I knew we should explore the possibility of twinning. Lynne facilitated first contact for us with the Irish communities in both areas and in the case of the Miramichi she arranged for Jim Rees, the Arklow historian, to present our letter to the committee of the annual Miramichi Irish Festival. I then set the wheels in motion to begin the twinnings. As with our original twinning with Prince Edward Island, both arrangements have been extremely successful and each year we have many Canadian visitors."


Willie McKenna