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The Aims
To recount the history of the Irish in Canada To celebrate Irelands contribution to Canada's tapestry To promote Trade, Tourism, Culture and further study The Resources · Website · APP · Television Documentary · The Book …an epic tale of the Irish men and women who helped to build Canada Told for the first time in one illustrated volume · Interactive CD · Education Resources including an illustrated history Our Mission Statement
The Ireland Canada Story, ‘We Go Way Back’, aims to chronicle and celebrate the long and exciting relationship between our two countries through a unique and comprehensive series of multi-media resources designed for everyone with Ireland and Canada in common: in business, tourism, education, culture and heritage.
The Ireland Canada Story resources will include an illustrated book, television documentary, interactive website, heritage maps, mobile phone applications and education materials, all intended to increase awareness, foster cooperation, encourage further study and serve to network Irish Canadian communities. The Ireland Canada Story website is a 'Not for Profit' social enterprise and any revenues generated will be allocated to the development of The Ireland Canada Story resources. To participate in the site or to join The Ireland Canada Story project as a partner / sponsor please contact us at: info@theirelandcanadastory.com Who We Are Producer: Lynne Reece Loftus
Lynne Reece Loftus began research for The Ireland Canada Story early in 1996. Later that same year, together with First Secretary Philip Pinnington, Lynne co-founded the Irish Canadian Society in Ireland. Lynne is a Canadian educationalist and writer living in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Lynne's mother Edna, was born in the log cabin built by her parents in Nobleville Saskatchewan and Lynne grew up in Ontario. She met her Irish husband Denis while studying in Dublin, began her teaching career in Ireland in 1972 and moved on to design for education publishing in 1977. Lynne has developed resources in Canada for the Department of Agriculture, The Mental Health Foundation and Scholastic Tab Publications, where she developed the ‘Hands On’ section in Scholastics first Classroom magazine for teachers. She also served as Publicist for The Guelph Spring Festival, the international festival of the performing arts in Guelph, Ontario. Education resources developed in Ireland include those for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, The University of Limerick Distance Learning Programme, The National Museum, The Irish Dental Health Foundation, The National Dairy Council and the Health Service Executive. Lynne Reece Loftus designed and produced the Euro Information Campaign for Schools for the Euro Changeover Board and served for ten years as Director of Education Programmes for The Irish Bankers Federation designing their primary and second-level education resource programmes. The Money-Go-Round multimedia primary schools programme garnered the World DIDAC Award for Excellence in Education, the Ireland Public Relations Consultants Association Award and the International PRCA Award for Excellence in Communication. Project Manager: Steve Taber
Steve Taber is an independent management consultant specialising in Project Management and lives in North County Dublin with his young family. Steve has over twenty years experience in management roles covering a wide range of areas such as business strategy, sales, marketing, operations, logistics and distribution. Leading teams in Process Reengineering and Change Management with full Project Management experience from the analysis stages through to implementation and re-calibration, Steve has an in-depth knowledge of Small, Medium and Corporate enterprises and has been contracted by major Blue Chip companies such as BT, Eircell and Vodafone. Clients also include Hutchinson 3, O2, Meteor, Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. He has also provided management services for large retailers and Government bodies. Information Co-ordinator: Aoife Fitgerald
Aoife Fitgerald received her BA in ancient history, archaeology and art history from Trinity College, Dublin where she also completed an M.Litt in archaeology. She is presently part of an international team working several times a year at an excavation in the ancient Roman port of Ostia where she specializes in late Roman masonry. Aoife is also an experienced academic editor and proofreader. She recently created an index for an excavation journal on late antique archaeology and edited a large collection of Canadian war veteran letters spanning the years from 1933 through to 1950 . Media & Event Co-ordinator: Rebecca Dore
Rebecca Dore has extensive experience in media production, technical training and business development. She has served as Technical Training Consultant, Soft Skill Course Instructor, Design Unit Co-Ordinator and Business Services Consultant for Ericsson in Dublin and Montreal.
Rebecca was also Training Solutions Manager for EIQA (Excelence Ireland Quality Association) and Senior Assessor for EFQM Excellence Model, (European Foundation Quality Management). Webmaster: Daniel Aherne
Daniel Aherne is an IT Deployment Engineer specializing in Interactive Media, imaging and repair.
Daniel has provided services to Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer Newbridge, Unicare and Cathal May Roberts





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